lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

Drug Trafficking

The drug trafficking is a serious and complex social problem of the moderns communities. These illicit businesses generate 320,000 worldwide billion a year globally.
Colombia has had four of the more mighty groups of drug trafficking of the world, that in 
any cases it creates a new social class and 
they influent greatly the Colombian culture.
Unfortunately, the country for its near location to great markets and for the entrance to the two oceans, it offers unique advantages to the organized delinquency related with the drugs.  Also it has good ground and climate, a large offer of hand of work and very enterprising and hard-working people.
The majority of small landowners in Colombia are displaced: internal refugees, unemployed of the cities, small farmers or workers without soil they has been push agricultural frontier by the concentration of the property in other places of country. Colombia is the main supplier world of cocaine and it produces at least 300 metric tons per year or 66% of total production. It produces per year approximately 6 metrics tons of heroin. Currently here in Colombian grow 122.500 hectares of cocaine and 5000 hectares of cannabis. The grows, the production and the illicit traffic give work to approximately 200.000 people and they generate an annual income approximate to 2.200 millions of dollars. A of the principals markets for the cocaine is EE.UU, while that the cannabis sell specially in the domestic markets and Europeans.

This problem maybe will have end, now that while there is consumers will have drug trafficking; some people says that the way unique of  finish with this situation is the legalization of the drugs, of form any  although the drug trafficking bring wars and a lot of deaths this not is a viable solution a this problem, pitifully the easy money is the motor of the delinquency and while there is ambitious and to feel like of wealth will exist illicit activities because while this actions doesn’t are of easy carrying out , it brings good profits.

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